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Web Development

Our dedicated support team provides 24/7 support through emails, skype and online calls...

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Mobile Apps Development

Business Point comes with 5 custom widgets to enhance its feature. These widgets...

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Cloud development

Business Point comes with robust yet easy-to-use backend system all managed through WordPress...

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Web Scraping

Business Point is developed well to provide users optimal viewing experience, easy to...

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eCommerce Development

Get visible, get indexed and stay ahead of your competitors. Business Point is...

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Machine Learning

This theme is publicly reviewed by reviewer at and available to use...

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What clients say about Nitin Sawant

I was very satisfied with Nitin’s services all work has been delivered on time and at acceptable quality. I have no problem recommending Nitin to anyone else or use his services again.

Jan Benes Project Manager @ Europm

Good, quick work. Easy-to-use script so I can do the scrape myself in the future. Will work with again!

Jana Mickey IT Manager @ Jana Mickey

Cooperative and patient on a script job that took longer and that was harder than I first imagined!

Steve Kemmerling IT Manager @ Steve Kemmerling