Cloud development

The Cloud computing market is forecast to grow to a $55.2 Billion dollar industry as predicted by Deloitte. It is no wonder that companies from Amazon, that ushered in the cloud infrastructure paradigm to Microsoft that made its money in the PC market, are trying to sell their approach to the cloud. As a customer, you need a trusted guide to help you figure out how a hybrid cloud is different from a private one or what PaaS should you develop your business apps on. That is where Nitin can help you.

I understand that cloud computing is nothing more than a new delivery model but one that provides high ROI for customers that use it. Not only does the TCO (total cost of ownership) get reduced, but it enables powerful features like multi-tenancy, constant integration of feedback and ubiquitous access that provide true value for the end-user.

Nitin’s cloud engineering practice help customers:

1. To build their own cloud-based business applications through Software-as-a-service (SaaS) app development.
2. To migrate or integrate cloud offerings like Google Apps, into their existing on-premise solutions.
3. To use available Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings like by or Windows Azure by Microsoft for business app development.